ATTENTION All Internet Marketers & Traders: Finally! An affordable solution to easily accept payments and deliver your products directly to your customers 24/7...AUTOMATICALLY!

“Push your ebook or software sales through the roof with this Instant Payment Processing Software
that Internet Marketers Swear By!”

Sunday, February 7th 2016

Dear Internet Marketer,

If you want to be successful selling ebooks or software etc on the internet, you will need ONE thing which has the power to take full control over your instant payment and delivery system. Most people tend to do things by hand (manually sending the goods), this may be safe and ok but its SLOW and your customers will be put off by the wait. Instant Payment Profits if a fantastic NEW automated instant delivery system that will take your product (ebook, script, game, software, photos etc) and INSTANTLY and automatically deliver them to your customers!.Think for one minute how valuable this kind of product would be.

Introducing our software: Instant Payment Profits!

Listen, it should’t be expensive, complicated, or risky
to complete a simple transaction...!


...and that’s why I created Instant Payment Profits (IPP). An easy to use software that integrates with your PayPal account so your customers can pay you with any credit card.
You simply plug IPP into your website and instantly start taking orders from your customers, and send them their digital products in a safe, easy to manage environment...all on autopilot!
You’ve heard of other Internet Marketers “making money while they sleep” right? Well, THIS is how they do it! Their entire ordering process and product delivery is working for them 24/7! With IPP, you can make money while you sleep, too!
So if you don’t feel like having all of your hard work stolen from you by thieves...and can’t justify spending hundreds of dollars on complicated scripts and programs...then Instant Payment Profits is the exact solution you’ve been looking for.
And, despite its simplicity and ease of use...Instant Payment Profits does much more than offer a safe, quick way of helping you do business...

Instant Payment Profits is 100% web based! It will work on any PC or MAC and is compatible with all browsers so you won't lose customers based on their operating system.

Step-by-Step instructions walk you through a fast installation that doesn't’t leave you guessing. You’ll be guided from start to finish...your hand held every step of the way. Even if you’ve never done it before, you’ll be up and running in less than 5 minutes.

Secure your critical data by storing it in a bullet-proof MYSQL database and keep all of your information safe and secure from would-be hackers and crackers. Don’t take chances with your sensitive information!

IPP is totally flexible to meet your marketing needs! You can give away bonuses and add a One Time Offer for increased sales and higher profits. IPP is totally flexible to meet your marketing needs! You can give away bonuses and add a One Time Offer for increased sales and higher profits. You are in total control of your entire inventory at all times! are in total control of your entire inventory at all times!

Keep your product safe with download links that expire so they can’t be shared on forums or found by Google...this feature alone more than pays for the cost of Instant Payment Profits because pirates won’t be able to turn your site into a free for all!

Make it easy for your customers to buy with a single ‘Buy Now’ link...all without complicated PayPal code that just bogs down your customer’s buying process...stop giving them time to back out of the sale

Export your customer information to your e-mail list and you can launch new products and gain instant profits by marketing to red-hot leads...your existing customers!

Integrate your site design into easy to use the entire buying process looks the same as your site design and you maintain credibility with your customers and enhance your brand.

Utilize the awesome power of One Time Offers (OTO) and get paid even more when your customers are already in the "buying" mood! It's as easy as adding another product.

Integrates with 3rd party affiliate programs. Just plug the unique code into the IPP page template to track your affiliate sales.

..Look at it this way: if you’re serious about being your own boss, and running your own business as an internet marketer...then you must invest now in a quick easy way of taking payments from your customers, and automating the delivery process of your digital product.

Even more important: you must take advantage of up-selling in order to turbo-charge the profits you can get from existing customers...and Instant Payment Profits automates this process for you!

Never again will you have to:

Upload your product to your site...unprotected...and open yourself up to a well known Google exploit that easily lets anyone “shoplift” from you. Which also means you’d have to...

Force your customers to pay first...and then wait in frustration for you to e-mail them their digital goods. This is the kiss of death for any internet marketer trying to build a serious business...nobody will take you seriously, and you’ll spend way too much time e-mailing attachments to customers. Of course, you could always just...

Spend hundreds of dollars on complicated, bloated software. If you’re just starting out, you have an even greater need to stick to a low budget and stretch your business dollar. Accepting payment and delivering digital goods shouldn’t have to cost so much! And whatever you do, never ever...

Enslave yourself to a monthly fee. Some websites will handle payment and delivery of goods for you...but you’ll be stuck paying a subscription, which means money out of your pocket every month even if you never make a sale! Keep control of your business out of someone else’s hands.

Create Unlimited Coupons!
Coupons allow you to offer discounts to your customers and it's a breeze to create in IPP.

  • Create your own coupon codes so they can coincide with promotions, sales, and marketing campaigns!
  • Choose Fixed discount price or a Percentage discount!
  • Choose any Start Date, whether it starts today or next week!
Choose any End Date or have it never expire!

Multilevel Pricing!
Have you ever wanted to have a way to automatically change the price of your product after a certain number of sales? Well, IPP can do that and more! IPP now has the ability to set up to 3 different price levels for your products, each with the ability to limit how many sales can be made at that price level!
Here's an example...

  • Level 1 can be set at £14.95 with 2 sales at that price.
  • Level 2 can be set at £19.95 with 5 sales at that price.
  • Level 3 can be set at £24.95 with 8 sales at that price.

So, when 2 sales are made at £14.95, IPP automatically rolls over to Level 2. Once there have been 5 more sales at £19.95, IPP rolls over to Level 3. After level 3 has made all it's sales, IPP rolls over to the main price of the product...ALL ON AUTO-PILOT!

And, Multilevel Pricing works right along with Coupons with no extra effort! Any Coupon will work with Multilevel Pricing

Reactivate/Deactivate Download URLs
IPP has an improved system to Reactivate Download URLs. Now, when you reactivate a download URL, you can choose to email the customer the download URL again so you won't have to do it manually! This is a great feature that makes it much easier to manage customer downloads.

Ability To Offer FREE Downloads
Have you ever wanted to offer a free product and then "upsell" to potential buyers? Now you can! Just set up IPP to offer the Main product for free as a "hook", then set up an OTO (One Time Offer) that will "reel" them in! Use this great feature to build an email list, too.

And Probably The Most Asked For New Feature...
IPP now includes a "Webmaster License"! What is a Webmaster License? Well, this special license gives you the right to include (not sell) IPP with websites that you sell. So, if you sell or "flip" websites, IPP can be now be included (not sold), making your offer much more appealing to potential buyers! The full terms are detailed in the license agreement when you purchase IPP.

Ability To Offer In Pounds (GBP) or US Dollar (USD)...
We now have the ability to choose either USD or GBP, your payment includes 2 new versions, one for us dollars and the other for GB Pounds.

Free Updates for Life!
Internet Payment Profits is an ongoing project and will be upgraded with many more features. If you purchase right’ll get all future updates and new versions totally and completely FREE*
*as and when any become available.
IPP Is Just What You Need To Push Your Ebook, Software or Graphics etc.

Take control of your business and
automate your sales now!!!